Belgian eggs

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The Flemish producers and suppliers remain ready to provide you with sufficient fresh products. Even now. 
Together we can continue to guarantee global delivery.


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Why Belgian eggs?

Export egg products

In 2018 Belgium exported 24,207 tonnes of egg products. The main products are fresh, boiled and frozen eggs, with or without the shell (± 64%), followed by fresh, liquid egg yolks (± 21%). France is our biggest market, followed by Germany, the UK and the Netherlands.

Export table eggs

74% of Belgian table eggs exported are fresh hen’s eggs in shell. Export is mainly to the Netherlands and Germany.

Export chicken hatching eggs

In 2018, Belgium exported over 27,918 tonnes of chicken hatching eggs of the type Gallus Domesticus. This is almost a doubling compared to 5 years ago. The greater majority goes to the Netherlands.

More about Belgian eggs

The quality of the eggs is closely monitored during every link of the production process. Fast through-flow from the producer to the shop guarantees fresh eggs.

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